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Sorting Products By Order of Importing

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August 18, 2006


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Version 23.0 Build 1

if there is a way, that after we import the product that it does not sort and change the order of the way we import the product line?


When you are looking at your imported products in the Product Lookup Window, you can change the sort view by click on the "Sort" drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the Product Lookup window.

If these sort functions do not allow you to view the products in the order that you wish, you can try this solution:

- Create a new column in your import file

- Starting with the first item, number it 1, the second item is assigned a 2, so on as so forth....

- Import your products again, and this time map the "number" column into the Custom Number 01 field.

- After the Import, you can then use the "Sort" drop-down menu to sort by Custom Number 01 - your products will now appear in the order that you imported them

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