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Goldmine - Version 'Err' When Saving Document

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July 17, 2019


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Version 23.0 Build 1
When saving a document to Goldmine an error message appears:

GoldMine version 'Err' is not recognized, and therefore is not supported!

After clicking OK, you will returned to QuoteWerks without the Save Screen selections taking place.

Another symptom will show when trying to bring in contact information that the field will be populated with the value of Error.

The DDE connection which QuoteWerks communicates with GoldMine via has been interrupted and unable to reestablish. This can happen with a software update, newly installed software or the computer needing a reboot following another system change.

The solution is to reboot the computer and have the DDE connection reset. Once rebooted, launch GoldMine then QuoteWerks and test the connection by pulling in contact information on the Sold To/Ship To tab.

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