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Spec Sheets - Not Appearing on Specs Tab

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April 2, 2014


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Version 5.5 Build 5
When quoting an item with a spec sheet associated to it, the Print Window > Specs Tab does not display that associated spec sheet.

The vendor field for that product is specifying the wrong Vendor name or the manufacturer part number is used with more than one item in the product source. QuoteWerks considers each database to be used per a single vendor and the Vendor name specified must match the name of that product database. When printing, QuoteWerks references the Vendor name to locate information about that product such as Images and Spec Sheets.

Open the Product Lookup > Select the Product > Edit > Advanced Tab. Make sure that the Vendor name is the same as the Product Database which contains it (case sensitive) or that the field is left blank. If left blank, it will reference that name automatically when printing.

Perform a product search on the manufcaturers part number to ensure that it is contained only once in the source.

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