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How can QuoteWerks handle Landed Cost

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May 10, 2006


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Version 5.5 Build 5
How can QuoteWerks handle Landed Cost? For example if you purchase in British Pounds, convert this to USD, and then add an additional 10% for the Landed Cost.

1. Edit the Item in the Product Lookup
2. Select the Pricing tab
3. Check the Box for "Base Pricing on foreign currency"
4. Select the appropriate foreign currency. (In this example select GBP or UK)
5. Do not enter anything in the Foreign Cost
6. Enter your price in the Foreign Price field or select the appropriate Item Pricing Method.
7. In the Foreign List, enter the UK Cost.
8. In the Item Costing Method, select "Discount From List Price"
9. Enter a discount of -10 or whatever your additional percentage is for landed cost.

You can use the same principles shown above and adjust slightly for importing your items.

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