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Quick Install - Remote PC - Corporate Edition

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July 17, 2019


Are you using the most current release of QuoteWerks?
Version 5.5 Build 4

1. Install QuoteWerks on the latop. Make sure it's the same version and build as the Master (network) installation. To check the version and build, select the Help->About menu in QuoteWerks (on the master installation). You can get the download here: https://www.quotewerks.com/updates/UpdateAgent.asp?show=All

2. After installing QuoteWerks onto your laptop, place the Remote PC license that was created for you into the license manager. To get to the License Manager, select the Utilities->License Manager menu. (See you QuoteWerks Administrator for your Remote License). After entering the license key into QuoteWerks - shut down QuoteWerks.

3. Copy the security.mdb file from the QuoteWerks directory of the Master installation into the QuoteWerks directory of the Remote. If you have already rehosted the Master installation, the file will be named security.rehosted. Simply rename it back to security.mdb and then copy it over to the Remote.

4. Once the security.mdb (or security.rehosted) has been copied over, you can now launch QuoteWerks and rehost the Remote PC and perform a sync. (Note: SQL Express is installed seperately and makes no difference if it is installed before of after QuoteWerks is installed.)

Important Note: This is only a BRIEF summary of how to setup a Remote PC installation! Please refer to the chapter entitled: Laptops and Remote Locations, in the QuoteWerks manual for full details on this procedure. If you do not have a hard copy of the QuoteWerks Manual, you can view the manual by simply launching QuoteWerks and selecting Help->View Manual. Please also refer to the Corporate Edition Installation Instructions supplemental you recieved with the purhcase of the Corporate Edition

The Corporate Edition does not sync Report files, Print Layout files, [USER].INI files, Literature files, Spec Sheets, or Image files. These can be manually copied. Reports, Layouts, Literature, Specs and Images, have their own folders in the QuoteWerks Directory. You can either copy the entire folders, or just specific files. You can copy all [USER].INI files or only the ones that apply to the user(s) that will be logging into that remote PC installation.

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