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Purged Documents Re-Appear in QuoteWerks.

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April 26, 2006


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Version 23.0 Build 1

I have purged documents from QuoteWerks, however, I recently discovered that they are still showing up in the Open Document Window.

(This affects installations that use contact managers that support saving linked documents - ACT!, Goldmine, MS CRM, SalesForce.com, Maixmizer, SalesLogix, Telemagic)


When purging the documents you did not check the checkbox labeled "Delete DTF file(s) associated with each document." (This checkbox is only visible with certain contact managers- see above for list). The linked file is still visible from the contact manager and the user has double clicked it, thus launching the file, and if QuoteWerks is setup to "Look For Synchronized Data" (the default setting), QuoteWerks will re-merge the DTF file into the Documents Database. It will now be visible and accessible through QuoteWerks.

Solution A (recommended): When Purging Documents, be sure to check the checkbox labeled "Delete DTF file(s) associated with each document." This way, if the user clicks on the Linked document from his contact manager, it will not launch the DTF file, this preventing the quote from re-merging back into QuoteWerks.

Solution B (not recommended): This should only be considered when you do NOT have Remote PC installations. Select the Installation Tab on the Tools->Options menu and uncheck the checkbox labeled "Look For Synchronized Data." This will enable a user to still reference a Purged document from their contact manager and not re-merge the purged document back into the QuoteWerks document database.

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