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Setting up another workstation/client - Quick Setup

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July 2, 2008


Are you using the most current release of QuoteWerks?
Version 5.5 Build 5

I need to setup some new workstations today for them and need to know the
procedure to load the quotewerks client on a PC. Can you help me with it?


To get other workstations (Nodes) configured for use with a network installation of QuoteWerks please follow the steps below:

(Note: This task must be performed from EACH workstation that will be running QuoteWerks).

- Exit/close and running applications on the workstation. This includes Anti-virus programs, firewall, pop-up blockers, chat-programs, etc.

- From the workstation, use Windows Explorer to browse to the QuoteWerks Directory (aka QuoteWerks folder)

- Locate the file labeled NSetup.exe (or Nsetup) and double-click it

- Follow the prompts for the Nsetup (Node Installation) - a reboot may be required.

- Repeat this process for all workstations that will be running QuoteWerks.

Important Notes: All QuoteWerks users require Full Control Folder Permissions to the QuoteWerks Directory. (This is NOT the same as Administrator rights!). This is only a brief overview of the procedure. For full details on configuring QuoteWerks, please refer to the QuoteWerks manual. If you do not have a "hard copy" of the QuoteWerks manual you can simply select the Help->View Manual menu.

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