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Database - Restoring from backup using the Medic Utility

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December 24, 2015


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Version 5.5 Build 4

There is a problem with one (or more) of my QuoteWerks databases. I would like to use the QuoteWerks Medic Utility to restore the database from backup.


Please note: Backup files for QuoteWerks databases are backed up automatically when maintenance is run, using the Medic Utility. If you have never run maintenance with the Medic Utility, you will most likely not have a backup of the database file(s). If you have not run Maintenance in a long time, your backup(s) will be from the last time you ran maintenance, so your data may not be current. In this case, you should restore from a convenional backup method, such as a tape backup.

To restore a database using the QuoteWerks Medic Utility use the following steps:

- Select the Start->Programs->QuoteWerks ->Tools and Information->Medic Utility

- When the Medic launches, select the Utilities->Restore From Backup menu.

- Verify from the drop-down menu that the correct installation path is showing

- Select the database that needs to be restored.

- Click the Restore button

For more information on this topic, please refer to the QuoteWerks manual, in the chapter entitled "Medic Utility."

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