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Importing Products - SQL Execute Error -2147217913

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February 9, 2006


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Version 23.0 Build 1
When performing a Product import via the import wizard, you receive a SQL Execute Error (-2147217913).

In the error message, you also see the time seperator for one of the fields using a charcter other than : such as /. An example of this is: #02/09/2006 11/14/15am#

The format function that development uses will format the date into a USA format in terms of Month, then day, then year. However, the Format function only uses the "/" symbol in the format string as a placeholder, and automatically replaces it with the date separator symbol specified in the windows control panel. Some international users have specified a "." in the windows control panel as the date separator which is not accepted by Microsoft SQL, so if the date separator is a ".", we replace it with "/"'

Try changing your time seperator in the Windows control panel to ":"

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