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Duplicate License Key error with Remote and SalesForce.com

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December 11, 2007

Remote Installations

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Version 23.0 Build 1

I have reinstalled QuoteWerks onto a Remote PC and re-entered the original License Key - now when I try to access my old QuoteWerks documents, I am getting a Duplicate License Key Error.

My Contact Manager is SaleForce.com


The QuoteWerks documents have been "branded" with the original License Key and Seed number information and now that you have reinstalled QuoteWerks and re-entered the license key, you now have a different seed number but still have the same license key. (You can see the seed number and license key by selecting the Utilities->License Manager menu)


Here are the steps to get QuoteWerks back up and running, so that you can access old QuoteWerks documents (in conjunction with SalesForce.com). I have put the steps in 3 phases:

Phase 1:

1. Install QuoteWerks on the Remote

2. Enter the Remote PC License Key in the License Manager of the Remote - then close QuoteWerks

3. Copy over the (.mdb) database files (except the docs.mdb).

(Note: This is an extremely BRIEF overview of the Remote Installation procedure! Full instructions are located in the QuoteWerks manual, in the Chapter entitled: Laptops and Remote Locations)

Phase 2:

1. Change the document numbering sequence on the Remote to reflect the starting point of the next document number from where you left off prior to having to reinstall QuoteWerks. (For information regarding this procedure, please refer to Knowledge Base article # 5771)

For example: If your last quote number was AAAQ1000, then you will want to change the next number in sequence to AAAQ1001 so that the numbering stays consistent and no documents get overwritten!!!

2. Find a QuoteWerks installation that has all of the Remote installations old QuoteWerks document. The Master installation should probably have them.

3. Select the Utilities->Rebuild CM Transfer Files menu. Only Check the checkbox labeled "After Rebuild, upload to SalesForce.com" - Leave the other checkbox unchecked!

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