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MS CRM - Account Information Not Available Via Search

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February 7, 2006


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Version 23.0 Build 1
When searching on the Sold To/Ship To (magnifying glass button) for a MS CRM company using the Account Name field no results return. The company name is displayed when searching for a Contact that is associated with that Account.

The Accout StatusCode field in MS CRM is set to inactive for that Account which does not allow it to be directly located via searching based on Account Name.


QuoteWerks Technical Support does not provide support for backend operations including the following steps. Please backup your data prior to performing the following:.

Your SQL Administrator will need to make this change as it requires operations on the backend of the MS CRM SQL database.

1. Close down active sessions of MS CRM and QuoteWerks.

2. In the AccountBase table there is a field called StatusCode.
-This is an integer type field and has no default value.

3. The values for status code are Active=1 and Inactive=2. If these are of any other value, change them to the appropriate value.

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