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Installation - Advanced Remote Location Quick Installation, or How to create a remote by cloning a Master Installation

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July 17, 2019


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Version 5.5 Build 4
Advanced Remote Location (Site/PC) Quick Install:


An end user has several Remote Locations (Site/PC) to install. Are there any advanced methods for a faster installation and configuration of a Remote Location installation?


(Warning:This is an advanced procedure. Copying the QuoteWerks directory without performing all the steps below can cause QuoteWerks to not operate correctly or possible the loss of, or the overwriting of data.)

1) Open the Master installation's License Manager, via Utilities -> License Manager.

2) Create a Remote Site/PC License; make note of that license for later.

3) COPY the entire Master QuoteWerks directory onto the remote system(i.e. laptop); this can be done via a network, or may require extra hardware such as an external or USB jump drive.

4) Once the folder has been moved to the remote system, open up the QuoteWerks directory on the remote system, and run the file nsetup.exe to install the Node control files.

5) When Nsetup completes, launch QuoteWerks and login as a user with Master Rights. Go up to Utilities, then down to License Manager. Remove every license starting from the bottom, when you get to the last one you'll need to type in the word "Yes" with a capital Y in the pop-up confirmation box before it will remove the final license.

6) After the keys are cleared, add the remote user's license back into the License Manager. Once it's in there, this is now license as a Remote Installation and should have all the data within it. It is recommended to call to register the key immediately.

Synchronization: As far as synchronizing your data; you will be able to sync with the Master Installation whenever you are connected to the main network of the Master Installation (i.e. either directly in the office, or via a VPN). The Sync process has the ability to the add the remote documents into the master database, and vice versa. If you are using the Standard Edition of QuoteWerks, you will need to export the documents and then email them to import the (.dtf) file. If you are using the Professional or Corporated Edition, it is recommended to use the QuoteWerks sync feature as it will be easier to maintain.

Additional Note: End Users may want a short-cut icon to both their local Remote Installation, and their Networked location, depending whether or not they are out of the office quoting. This simply requires you to create a Windows short-cut to the QuoteWerks EXE (qw.exe) in the root of the Master Installation and name it, "QuoteWerks Main Office Master Installation". Then create a Windows short-cut to your local remote installation and call it, "QuoteWerks Remote Installation".

Important Note: This is only a BRIEF summary of how to setup a Remote PC installation! Please refer to the chapter entitled: Laptops and Remote Locations, in the QuoteWerks Online Help Documentation (https://www.quotewerks.com/helpfile/qw4help.htm?chapter21laptopsandremotelocations.htm) for full details on properly setting up a Remote Installation. Also, you can view the manual by simply launching QuoteWerks and selecting Help -> QuoteWerks Help.

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