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Quickbooks - Error 3100 when Exporting from QuoteWerks (Customer Name)

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July 17, 2019


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Version 5.5 Build 4

Error 3100 (Customer Name):
When exporting from QuoteWerks to QuickBooks an error message appears:

Error: Creation of customer in QuickBooks failed. Export cancelled.Details:
Severity: Error
Description: The name "Company Name" of the list element is already in use.

After clicking OK the error window closes and you are returned to the QuickBooks export window.

Error 3100 (Customer Name) Cause:
The "Customer Name" is already contained within another QuickBooks list such as Vendor.

Error 3100 (Customer Name) Solution:
Customer Name can only exist in one location for QuoteWerks to export the information to that record. If the company already exists in another list, modify the name listed under the QuoteWerks Sold To: Company Name (Sold To/Ship To tab) to differentiate it from the existing record in QuickBooks so you can still identify it.

Additional tips:

If you cannot find another user, company, or vendor, or other name with the same exact name, check your customer list (reference the Customer Name, not the Company Name of the record) to see if you have entered the name previously using last name/comma/first name format (i.e. Doe, John). Switch it back to John Doe and check to see if the error goes away.

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