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DTF File not Created When Saving Document

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November 11, 2014


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Version 5.5 Build 5
When trying to save a document an error message appears:

An error occurred in the SaveDocumentToDTFFileEX() while save file 'c:\program files\quotewerks\dtf\filename.dtf
Error (76( Path not found
Additional Details: FieldName=ReplicationID

In the QuoteWerks installation directory (which can be located by clicking Help > About > System Tab > Install Path), the DTF directory has been deleted.

Without a DTF directory to save into the document will exist in the docs.mdb database, but will not have an associated file in the DTF directory.

Manually create a new DTF directory in the QuoteWerks installation folder.

This has also occurred when trying to Print a document - if the Layouts, Literature, Specs or Covers folder is missing, this error will occur. It has the same solution as the DTF folder error.

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