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Layouts - Error When Cloning a Report or Print Layout

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September 23, 2015


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Version 23.0 Build 1

I am getting an unexplained error when trying to clone any existing report:

“The newly cloned report could not be found!”


There are files in the ..\QuoteWerks\Reports folder are flagged as Read Only.

Your cloned files have reached the default auto-naming convention limit

Solution 1:

Use the QuoteWerks Medic Utility to Remove Read-Only Properties from the QuoteWerks directory. You can do this by launching the Medic Utility and selecting the UtilitiesRemove Read-Only Properties menu. (Note: No progress will display after selecting this option. It generally takes about 30 seconds or less to get a response from this procedure.)

Solution 2:

Whenever you clone a report, it automatically assings it the next sequencial number sequence.

For example:

...and so on...

Once you get to Report99.Rcf, QuoteWerks reaches the numerical limit that it can assign a report file and can no longer save anymore reports. To fix this, you will need to navigate to the QuoteWerks\Reports folder and rename the report files.

For example:

Report01.Rcf could be renamed to Report01-A.Rcf
Report02 could be renamed to QuarterlyReport.Rcf
Report03 could be renamed to Anyname.Rcf

This will allow the autonumbering sequence to begin at the next available and lowest number.

Depending on the purpose of your Report, it may not be necessary to clone a Report everytime. For example, if you are reporting on a specific Sales Rep, you can modify the filter to have the report PROMPT you for the Sales Rep name. This would keep you from having to clone a report for every Sales Rep.

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