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Printing - Error Initializing the Bitmap

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October 25, 2005


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Version 5.5 Build 4
When printing via the Print Document window an error appears saying "Error Initializing the Bitmap." The user will then be unable to print their document via this method.

This error could generate via different causes:

1. The printer drivers associated with this layout are not loaded properly and need to be modified or re-loaded.
2. The layout file has become corrupted and is no longer functional.


Solution 1:
1. Click the Print button to bring up the Print Document Window.
2. Select the layout producing the error and then click the Edit button.
3. Once in the layout designer click File > Printer Setup.
4. Select a different printer which is known to work properly and is directly connected to the computer or over a network.
5. Click Ok and once in the Layout Designer click Save and close the layout.
6. Close and restart QuoteWerks and verify the issue has been resolved.

Solution 2:
-If Solution 1 does not work, the file may have been corrupted beyond use.
1. To check this, edit the layout and then delete the image which has been inserted into the document.
2. Click Save and close the document.
3. Re-edit that document and click the Picture button to re-add the image and then save.
4. Verify resolution by attempting to print.

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