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Error: Ran Out of Memory on Print Document Screen

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July 17, 2019


Are you using the most current release of QuoteWerks?
Version 24.0 Build 1
When selecting any of the three options from the Print Document window (Print/Preview/Email) two error messages may appear:

1. Fatal Error
Ran out of Memory (InitPrinter, Mem size req: -1)


2. An error (15) was encountered while starting the Layout Designer.

The user is then unable to complete the selected operation.

This issue can be caused by two possible scenarios:

1. Control files for QuoteWerks have either not been installed correctly or have been corrupted/deleted/overwritten with a different version.

2. The default printer is out of memory or has another issue. Verify that the default Windows printer is ready and not offline or unavailable.

Cause 1. The user will run the nsetup.exe file located in the \QuoteWerks installation directory either on the local machine or on the computer acting as the server. Make sure to have all background applications disabled or closed such as pop-up blockers and antivirus checkers before running the node setup.

Cause 2. Check to see that the printer has enough memory available and if the issue persists, reinstall the printer drivers or select a different printer as the default.

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