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Quickbooks - Error 3140 Invalid Reference

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June 4, 2008


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Version 23.0 Build 1
When exporting a document to QuickBooks an error message is returned:

QuickBooks Export Error
ErrorCode: 3140
Severity: Error
Description: There is an invalid reference to Quickbooks Customer "Customer Name: DocumentNumber" in the Estimate. QuickBooks error message: Invalid argument. The specific record does not exist in the list.

After clicking OK, you are returned to the original Export to QuickBooks window.

This error will generate based on one of a few potential issues:

1: The customer name is not a record that currently exists in QuickBooks.
2: Within the contact information for the customer (Sold To/Ship To/Sold To tab) there is an extra space within one of the fields.
3: There is no company name and the contact name in QuickBooks is listed last name then first name (Lewe, John instead of John Lewe).

Based on the above causes:

1. Create the customer in QuickBooks before attempting to export and make sure the contact information is exactly the same as the information listed on the Sold To/Ship To/Bill To tab in QuoteWerks.

2. Check to see that no extra spaces exist before, after, or inside the contact information for that customer. An extra space will cause a conflict as it counts as an extra character, differentiating it from the actual record name.

3. Reverse the contact name in QuoteWerks to be last name, first and it will send over.

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