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VPN - Running QuoteWerks Over a VPN

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January 18, 2016

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Are you using the most current release of QuoteWerks?
Version 5.5 Build 4

Are there any known issues regarding use of QuoteWerks over a VPN?
I tested it recently and it was very slow - a large amount of information was being sent both to and from my laptop to the server.


QuoteWerks was not designed to run the QuoteWerks Node (client) over a VPN when using any Edition, due to performance issues created by processing and data commands sent across the VPN.

Preferred methods:

1) Terminal Services or Citrix - This environment works well with QuoteWerks and will keep all processing commands and data locally on the Terminal Server.

2) QuoteWerks Professional or Corporate Edition with sync - Our Professional and Corporate editions include a sync feature that will allow a remote installation to synchronize documents with the master installation when connected directly to your LAN or over a VPN connection. This does require that you perform a FULL installation of QuoteWerks onto the remote (i.e., laptop), as the VPN is used for data transfer only.**

Non-Preferred method:

QuoteWerks Corporate Edition rehosted to a SQL backend - If you do not wish to run Terminal Services or Citrix, you may run QuoteWerks as a node (client) over a VPN using this edition. SQL performs much faster than Access, but you will still experience a performance lag when initially logging in, accessing data, and closing the application. Please Note: QuoteWerks Technical support does not support or recommend this option.

**Note: Additional sync options are available in the Corporate Edition, including products, bundles and configurators.

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