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Error - Error 3265 - Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal.

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July 17, 2019


Are you using the most current release of QuoteWerks?
Version 5.5 Build 4
Upon launching QuoteWerks the following error window appears:

QuoteWerks will not be launched after clicking the Ok button.


This error is typically generated when QuoteWerks is requesting the value of a field in a table and that field does not exist. The error can also happen if QuoteWerks is requesting information about a table like DocumentHeaders or DocumentItems in the docs.mdb file and one of those tables does not exist.

If a QuoteWerks table cannot be found, it usually means that the table has become corrupted or somehow was deleted.

If a QuoteWerks field cannot be found, then most likely the table has become corrupted or the QuoteWerks field name was renamed by a user outside of QuoteWerks. A user cannot modify QuoteWerks field or table names through the normal use of QuoteWerks.


First, try forcing a reconversion:
1) With QuoteWerks closed, browse to the QuoteWerks directory and look for the file SITE.INI
2) Open the file and look near the top for the line referencing Verison=, and Build=
3) Remove whatever Verison number is at the end of the line, so the line reads Verison =
4) Change whatever number is at the end of the line to 1, so the line reads Build=1
5) Save the file and close, then relaunch QuoteWerks
6) You will receive a lengthy series of errors; click Ok or Close on all of them, they're expected.
7) Once you pass the errors, login, then immediately close and reopen QuoteWerks. If it worked, the error should be resolved now. If it didn't, you will need to restore a backup copy of the database associated with the function you were trying to do, such as contacts.mdb if you were trying to edit a contact in the QuoteWerks Native Contact Database, or docs.mdb if you were trying to edit or save a quote.

If the docs database is at the root of the problem, try the following steps. It is recommended to have your QuoteWerks administrator complete these processes and be familiar with Microsoft Access.

Make a copy of the docs.mdb database and then open it:
-If using QuoteWerks 3.0, open the database with Access 97.
-If using QuoteWerks 4.0, open the database with Acceess 2002/2003.
NOTE: If your version of Access is not the one associated with the QuoteWerks version above, you may open it, but make sure not to convert the file if prompted.

The standard tables in the docs.mdb database are:
InUseDocuments (Version 4.0 Build 16 and higher)

If you can verify that one of these tables does not exist, please use the following process (this process assumes you have a current backup copy of the docs.mdb database. For more information on creating a backup, please refer to the chapter on the Medic Utility in the manual):

1. Browse to the QuoteWerks directory and then the DTF folder.
2. Note the most recent document number each for quotes, orders, and invoices. (such as AAAQ1500, AAAO1200, etc.)
3. Open the Medic Utility and select Utilities > Restore from Backup.
4. Restore the most recent backup of docs.mdb
5. After restoring use the process detailed in Article 5177 to change your document numbering sequence in the docs.mdb database.
6. Once this is complete, login to QuoteWerks as an admin.
7. Select Utilities > Merge Remote Documents to merge the documents which were created after the docs.mdb you used to restore from.

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