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Importing When Using Alternate Base Sales Tax Calculations

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August 16, 2005


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Version 24.0 Build 1
When attempting to use alternate tax calculations (Tools > Options > Regional Tab) for either the U.S. or Canada, an error saying "Invalid tax code 'Y' passed to ReturnTaxableBooleanBasedOnTaxCode" is generated.

The message will appear when trying to add a product to the quote.

QuoteWerks supports USA and Canadian tax systems. These two tax systems use different tax codes. The most likely cause is that products were imported into a product database while for example the USA tax system was selected, and then after the import the tax system was changed to Canadian.

To use the alternate base sales tax, the setting must be switched over to that country before the price list is imported.

If the list has already been imported once make sure the setting change has been made and then reimport the list.

When on Step 4 (Destination) of the Product Import Wizard, you will select the appropriate database then select the first of 4 options saying "Delete all existing products in the selected database, and append the new products." This will remove all of the previous products and import the list under the new settings.

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