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Upgrading QuoteWerks on the Remote

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July 17, 2019


Are you using the most current release of QuoteWerks?
Version 5.5 Build 4

How do I perform an Upgrade of Quotewerks on a Remote (Laptop / Standalone) Installation?


0.) Make a backup of the QuoteWerks folder and if rehosted to SQL, the SQL databases.

1.) Download the QuoteWerks from our website onto the Remote (Laptop) - https://www.quotewerks.com/updates/UpdateAgent.asp
(DO Not Save the File into the QuoteWerks Directory (Folder)).

2.) Please close all programs including QuoteWerks on the Remote you will be running the installation. (Chat programs, pop-up blockers, virus scanners, etc)

3.) Launch the install program and select the option to update QuoteWerks. At this point you will need to provide your Serialized Update Key (SUK).
(The SUK for the Remote is the same SUK used at the Master (Server / Network) Installation)

4.) QuoteWerks should automatically detect your QuoteWerks Directory (folder). Please double-check the path is correct. If so - continue.
(To Check your Install Path (Location of Folder), Log into QuoteWerks and Click on Help About)

5.) QuoteWerks will now upgrade you QuoteWerks Directory

6.) When it is Complete, the Node Installation Program will automatically begin to run.

7.) When the Node installation is complete, you may be Required to Restart your System to Complete the Installation - QuoteWerks will now be Upgraded

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