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Edition Upgrade

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November 8, 2006


Are you using the most current release of QuoteWerks?
Version 23.0 Build 1
I purchased an Edition Upgrade (ex: Standard to Professional or Professional to Corporate). What do I do with my new licenses?

On the Main/Master Installation:

1. From the Utilities Menu, Select Merge Remote Documents and click 'Merge'. This will merge any outstanding .dtf files located in the \QuoteWerks\DTF folder into the documents database.

2. In the License Manager (Utilites > License Manager), note all of the remote licenses and which users and sites they were created for as they will need to be recreated later.

3. Remove ALL licenses including remote licenses starting from the bottom.

4. Add the new license(s) into the License Manager.

5. Next, you will close the License Manager and then select Utilities > Rebuild CM Transport Files. In this window click the Start button and allow the process to complete (you will have the option to view the rebuild log file).
(Note: Rebuild CM Transport Files embeds the new license key information into the existing files in the \QuoteWerks\DTF folder.)

6. Finally, you will need to return to the License Manager and recreate the remote keys which had been removed in Step 4.

----------Remote PC - Edition Upgrade Instructions-------------------

After recreating all the Remote PC and Remote Site license keys for your laptops (remotes), you will need to send each remote their respective Remote PC license along with the security.mdb from your upgraded master installation. Please be sure this is done in this sequence!

1. Remove the existing Remote PC or Remote Site License Key from the License Manager.

2. Enter the new Remote License Key into the License Manager of the remote installation.

3. Close QuoteWerks and copy over the NEW security.mdb into their QuoteWerks Directory of the remote. You will be asked if you want to overwrite the existing file and select Yes to do so.

4. Launch QuoteWerks and run the Rebuild CM Transfer Files from the Utilities menu to embed the new License Key information into the existing files in the \QuoteWerks\DTF folder.

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