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Installation - Backing Up QuoteWerks Data

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January 29, 2018


Are you using the most current release of QuoteWerks?
Version 5.6 Build 3

What are my options for backing up QuoteWerks?


Making a backup copy of QuoteWerks is relatively simple. You can choose 2 options to backup:

1. Backup the Entire QuoteWerks Directory (recommended) - In the event that a restore is necessary, this backup method will allow you to simply restore your entire copy of QuoteWerks - all of your data will be restored including: databases, security, registration, licensing, documents, user profiles, templates, and more. Essentially, your entire QuoteWerks could be restored exactly as it was, at the date of backup, prior to the event that caused you to restore QuoteWerks.

2. Backup the Security.mdb file and Docs.mdb file only (minimal backup) - These files are located in the root of the QuoteWerks directory. In the event that a restore is necessary, this backup method will allow you to replace these files into a new installation of the same version and build of QuoteWerks. This will allow you to recover your QuoteWerks Documents (quote, orders, invoices) as well as restore your Licensing, Registration Information, and Security settings (user rights). Please note: these 2 database files (.mdb) are companion files and must be backed up/restored together in order to recover QuoteWerks successfully. If these files are not restored together, you may receive a Security Authentication error that will not allow you to enter QuoteWerks.

(Note: This information applies to QuoteWerks installations that are using an MS Access Database backend. If you have a Microsoft SQL Database for your QuoteWerks backend, you will also need backup the SQL database in addition to Option 1 above.)

NOTE: While you may see lots of separate .dtf files, making backup copies of these is not a good backup strategy because if you ever need to reinstall the DTF files from your old installation to your new installation, they will no longer be valid, and the dtf files only contain quote information and not any other data from QuoteWerks.

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