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GoldMine - Toolbar Icons

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December 24, 2015

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Version 23.0 Build 1
How do I create toolbar icons in GoldMine?

You can create toolbar icons withing GoldMine to launch documents. Instructions on adding a new toolbar icon can be found within Goldmine, but the syntax details you'll need to launch QuoteWerks and bring the data over is written out below:

Application: F:\location\QuoteWerks\qw.exe
Start Directory: F:\location\QuoteWerks\
Command Line: /u:"username" /p:"password" /n:q /c:3 /t:1

...where the location sections need to match the location of QuoteWerks and the "username" and "password" fields match the login for QuoteWerks. The quotes are necessary, so if the username is John Smith it should read /u: "John Smith"

For further information on available command line parameters these are listed in the manual in Chapter 20/21 Customizing QuoteWerks Features

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