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Bundles - How to include Comments, Subtotals and Discounts

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February 19, 2010


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Version 23.0 Build 1

How do I create a Bundle that contains Comment, Subtotal, & Discount Lines?


A.) Add a folder to your product Database & create specific line items for each line type.

1) Click the [Products] Button within QuoteWerks to open Product Lookup

2) Select a QuoteWerks Database (i.e. 'Our Products'), right-click and select New
3) Enter a folder name, something like Bundle Items, then click [OK]

Create Comment

4) Click [New] on the bottom right corner of the Product Lookup window to create a New Item
5) For the New Item, provide a Mfg. Part # that does not match an actual part #, such as "Comment1"
6) For the new item, place your Comment in the Description field
7) Click [OK]
8) Repeat the Process for any additional comments (Comment2, Comment3, etc)

Create Subtotal

9) Click [New] to create a new item
10) For the new Item make the Mfg. Part # = Subtotal
11) Click [OK]

Create Discount Line

12) Click [New] to create a new item
13) For the new item, make the Mfg. Part # = DiscountLine

14) Set the Price Under the Pricing Tab to $1.00

15) Click [OK]

B.) Creating the bundle & adding the items

1.) Click on the [Bundles] button within QuoteWerks
2.) Click [New] to create a new bundle & enter a name
3.) Select the bundle and click [Edit]
4.) Click on the Items tab to add items to the bundle

Add Comment

6.) Click [Add]
7.) Navigate to the Bundles folder we created earlier, then select the appropriate comment and click [Select/Add]
8.) Select the Item and click [Edit]
9.) Set the Line Type to Comment & click [OK]

Add Subtotal

10.) Click [Add]
11.) Navigate to the Bundles folder, then select Subtotal and click [Select/Add]
12.) Select the Item and click [Edit]
13.) Set the Line Type to SubTotal & click [OK]

Add Discount Line (Discount Can only be a Dollar Amount)

14.) Click [Add]
15.) Navigate to the Bundles folder, then select DiscountLine and click [Select/Add]
16.) Select the item and Click [Edit]
17.) Set Quantity to -50 (For negative $50, or whatever dollar amount is required)
18.) Click [OK] to Finish

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