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Printing - Runtime Error 76

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August 28, 2014


Are you using the most current release of QuoteWerks?
Version 23.0 Build 1

I receive a Runtime error 76 when clicking on the Print Button on the toolbar or selecting File-Print.


This can occur when

1) QuoteWerks print document folders do not exist in the QuoteWerks folder

2) When the user does not have full rights in the QuoteWerks directory

3) Files in the Layouts Directory are flagged as read only

4) There are no files in the layouts directory.

5) The auto-numbering sequence for layout files has reached the maximum number sequence -> layout99.fpc

6) You are running QuoteWerks on a French-based OS.


Check the following:

1) Make sure that the following folders exist in the QuoteWerks directory:


2) Ensure that the user has full rights in the QuoteWerks folder and all sub-folders.

3) Either manually go into the Layouts folder and check for Read-Only properties or launch the Medic Utility and go to the Utilities-Remove Read only properties menu. This will ensure that no files in the QuoteWerks folder are flagged as read only.

4) Make sure that there is at least one FPC file in the \Layouts folder.

5) Rename one ore more layout files. For example: You could rename Layout99.fpc to Layout-TexasCustomers.fpc, or Layout98.fpc to FloridaCustomers.FPC (Any name will do).

6) If you are running QuoteWerks on a French-based OS, it has been noted that the Literature folder could possibly have been renamed to the French counter-part; Littérature. While QuoteWerks can operate on a French-based OS, QuoteWerks still operates using the English wording for it's folders. Make sure that the "Literature" folder is using the English spelling (Literature), not French spelling (Littérature).

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