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Installation - DOCS NOT EXIST

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April 3, 2014


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Version 5.5 Build 4

When installing an update/upgrade, after entering serialized update key, user receives error "INVALID,DOCSNOTEXIST".


This most often occurs when the upgrade path is either incorrect or when the path is a mapped network drive and the drive is mapped directly to the QuoteWerks folder.


Your upgrade path should not be just a drive letter, like C: or F:, it should always end with the QuoteWerks folder, like: C:\Program Files\QuoteWerks or F:\QuoteWerks.

If you are not certain how to locate the QuoteWerks directory, select the Help->About menu and click the "system" tab. Look for the "Install Path." This is the location that you should point to during the upgrade.

In build 43, this error message was adjusted to read "QuoteWerks docs.mdb database was not found!"

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