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Upgrading - Upgrade from Version 3.0 to 4.0 Failed

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July 17, 2019


Are you using the most current release of QuoteWerks?
Version 23.0 Build 1
The Upgrade from Version 3.0 to 4.0 Failed.

1. There was a rights/permissions issue in the QuoteWerks directory
2. A virus Checker or other application interupted the upgrade process.
3. User cancelled the upgraded.
4. If using Tech Data or other FoxPro database in conjunction with QuoteWerks, the FoxPro driver may not have been installed by your operating system.
5. Maintenance needed to be ran on your QuoteWerks Databases.
6. A product Database was linked more than once.

1. Restart your computer.
2. Log onto the computer as an Administrator.
3. Exit out of all applications including Virus Checkers, Chat Programs, Firewalls, etc.
4. Rename your QuoteWerks Directory to QuoteWerks.OLD
5. In the Same folder that contains your QuoteWerks directory, there should be a folder called QW4UpgradeBackupOfQuoteWerks30. This folder was the backup of your QuoteWerks 3.0 folder. Rename this folder to QuoteWerks.
6. Launch the Medic Utiltiy and Run Maintenance on all QuoteWerks Databases.
7. Launch Your QuoteWerks 3.0 and go to the Products-Setup Product Databases menu and make sure that you do not have the same product database linked more than once.
8. Reinstall the Upgrade ontop of your QuoteWerks directory. Do not cancel the upgrade. A data Migration will occur after the Node Installation is complete.

NOTE: If you are using the Tech Data Database, then you may need to upgrade your machine's Fox Pro Drivers. Please follow the instructions in this article: https://www.quotewerks.com/kbase/showArticle.asp?id=5935

Upgrade Preparation
If you have an existing QuoteWerks 3.0 installation, you can upgrade your existing QuoteWerks 3.0 to version 4.0 using QuoteWerks 4.0. If you will be upgrading your QuoteWerks 3.0 installation, we recommend that you follow the upgrade preparation checklist below:
Advice: If you are not ready to use the QuoteWerks 4.0 in your live production environment, we strongly recommend that you make a copy your QuoteWerks 3.0 installation folder and then upgrade this copy to QuoteWerks 4.0. If you do make a copy and upgrade this copy to Version 4.0, please be aware that any product databases that are located outside of the \QuoteWerks installation folder such as {myproducts.mdb} will be renamed to {myproducts.30} by the Version 4.0 upgrade process.

Upgrade Preparation Checklist
1. First, in order to upgrade an existing installation of QuoteWerks 3.0, you will need to be eligible for this upgrade. Your eligibility is based on your QuoteWerks Update Maintenance Program (UMP) status. Even if you are current with your UMP, you will need to obtain a new "QuoteWerks 4.0 Serialized Update Key". This replaces the old "Update Password" used with
QuoteWerks 3.0. You can contact Aspire Technologies by email at support@quotewerks.com or by phone at 407-248-1481 to obtain your serialized update key.

2. Make sure that your version of QuoteWerks 3.0 is build 29 or higher. If it is not, then you will need to update QuoteWerks 3.0. You can download the latest build of QuoteWerks 3.0 from https://www.quotewerks.com/updates.htm.

3. It is very important to start QuoteWerks 3.0 and select the Utilities Merge Remote Documents to merge all remote documents (.dtf files) into the database.

4. In the QuoteWerks 3.0 Medic Utility, select the Utilities Remove Read Only Properties menu to remove the read-only property from files in QuoteWerks folder and subfolders.

5. In the QuoteWerks 3.0 Medic Utility, select the Utilities Database Maintenance menu, and run maintenance (repair and compact) on all the databases.

6. If you are doing a test upgrade, you can skip this step. If not, it is a good idea to perform some “house cleaning” before upgrading to QuoteWerks 4.0. By this, we mean delete unused product databases, outdated backup files, temporary folders, etc. We recommend you do this to avoid possible conflicts in the future relating to incompatible versions of data existing in the
\QuoteWerks folder.

Upgrade Conversion Issues
1. SoldToCity, SoldToState, SoldToPostal, ShipToCity, ShipToState, ShipToPostal code fields have been added to QuoteWerks 4.0. After upgrading from QuoteWerks 3.0, you will need to manually modify all of your print layouts that print addresses to include these new City, State and Postal
Code fields. Also, you can use the new macro fields SOLDTOFULLADDRESS and &SOLDTOADDRESS. These macros will contain the all 3 address lines and the city, state, and postal code.

2. DH_&LineAttributeDontPrint macro name was changed DH_&LineAttributePrint. Anywhere this macro was used will need to be modified.

3. If you use the Open export module, you will need to add city, state, postal code to your export field list.

4. The DocumentItems.Taxable, Products.FolderID, Products.taxable fields have been removed in QuoteWerks 4.0. If used in layouts you need to manually change the references to Taxable field over to TaxCode field. The upgrade can not auto replace these because their field types changed.

5. The settings that stored which vendors you last used in a vendor comparison operation will not be upgraded.

6. The settings that stored which vendors you last updated the local currency pricing in will not be upgraded. (LDFX_updatelocalcurrency)

7. Any QuoteWerks macro names that have changed will need to be manually changed if they have been used in RTF files such as cover pages.

8. Warning, the installation replaces .lt files, so if you changed any of them manually, you will need to redo your changes to these files in \Layouts and \Reports

9. If your product import templates mapped the taxable field, the upgrade process will have changed the mapping to the new TaxCode field however, we recommend that you verify that the data it is being mapped to contains a valid tax code. See the user Importing Products chapter for a list of valid importable tax codes.

10. If your product import templates mapped the FolderID field, the upgrade process will have changed the mapping to the new FolderList field however, we recommend that you verify that the data it is being mapped to contains valid FolderList field information. The FolderList field is a text field that contains data in the format of “(5)(26)”, where 5 and 26 are the folder id’s of two different folders.

11. Label customizations of the native product Db and label customizations of edit product screen labels in 3.0 were stored in two locations. Now, these label customizations have been consolidated and stored in one place. As a result of this, some of your column and/or label customizations may change for any column/label pairs that had different label names.

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