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PDF - Manually re-creating the QuoteWerks PDF Generator

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August 6, 2013

PDF Generation

Are you using the most current release of QuoteWerks?
Version 5.5 Build 4
There is a problem when trying to save or e-mail a PDF.

This typically happens when the PDF Generator does not exist or has become corrupt or the initial user does not have Administrator rights.

The following steps will create the pdf generator. It is important log in to the computer as an Administrator. You can also give the user full admin rights (temporarily). Then have the user login into the computer and network. After the steps below have been followed the "QuoteWerks PDF Generator" printer will have been created. If you gave a user full admin rights just to perform this procedure, you can then remove those rights from the user and they will be able to use this existing printer now.

1. Click on Start-Settings-Control Panel-Printers or Start-Settings-Printers or Start-Printers depending on the operating system.
2. If the "QuoteWerks PDF Generator" printer exists delete it.
3. Start QuoteWerks
4. Click Print->Preview
5. Click "Save AsType" choose Adobe Acrobat Format (*.PDF) and click "Save."
6. Save the Preview and continue working.

The PDF generator should now be created for all users of this computer.

There may be another PDF Generator in the Printers dialog. Usually this is an Intuit PDF Generator that causes issues with creating the QuoteWerks PDF Generator. It may be necessary to remove this pdf generator too.

Adobe Acrobat READER must be installed on the computer to perform the "Save As" procedure. Users who have the Full Version of Adobe Acrobat, will still require the Acrobat Reader.

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