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Print Layouts - How do you create a Layout that does not number Comment or Group Member lines?

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June 16, 2015

Print Layouts

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Version 23.0 Build 1
How do you create a Layout that does not line number comment or Group Member lines?

This solution requires multiple formulas that are all inter-connected.

1. Create a formula called counter with the contents:

2. Place counter in the Report Footer and format: set the Summarization Type to Total and the field to be invisible.

3. Create a formula called LN with the contents:

(After creating the LN formula and positioning it in the layout, double-click on it and check the checkbox labeled "Suppress Zero Values." This will prevent the zeroes from appearing.)

4. Place LN in the Detail Section. LN is going to be the actual line number, so do not set its property to be invisible.

An Alternate formula setup:

"COUNTER" formula (does in the report footer; weeds out comments, headers, group headers, etc):


"LN" formula:


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