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Sale Info - Locked document feature

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April 9, 2004

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Version 23.0 Build 1
What is the locked feature on the Sale Info tab and how does it function?

The locked feature is designed to "lock" a document to restrict users from modifying it. A user is able to open the document, make changes, but when trying to save a dialog informs the user the document is locked. If the locked checkbox is checked, QuoteWerks will notify you that this document is locked, and will require that you unlock the document before saving it. At this point you can unlock the document provided you have sufficient rights., choose File-Save As to save it as a new document.

Steps for locking a document:
1. Select the Sale Info tab
2. Check the locked box
3. Save the document

1. Users with "Master Rights" are always able to unlock, and save changes to locked documents.
2. If the document that is locked is your document, you can unlock it unless your security right of "CannotUnlockDocuments" has been set.
3. Typically, QuoteWerks notifies you that the document is locked when you attempt to save the document. The one exception is when you create a new document, and check the locked checkbox, QuoteWerks will allow you to save the document without requiring you to uncheck the locked checkbox before saving.

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