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Unexpected Numbers when Exporting to QuickBooks Estimate

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January 10, 2005


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Version 5.5 Build 5
When exporting from QuoteWerks to a QuickBooks Estimate, the numbers in the Rate/Total column(s) do not correspond to the Price Field(s) in QuoteWerks.


QuickBooks does not have a COST, PRICE and LIST PRICE field. It has a RATE and MARKUP field. Since QuoteWerks can track and use 3 different fields of data and QuickBooks only has 2, we have to send the data over in a manner so as to preserve the markup information from the line item in the QuoteWerks document into the line item of the QuickBooks estimate. This design difference can manifest itself in several ways some of which are described below:

1. This can occur if the Estimate layout in QuickBooks does not have the Markup Column and you are using the Price Modifier to calculate the Price from either the Cost or the List

2. If you are using a price Modifier, then QuoteWerks will bring over the field in QuoteWerks that was used in conjunction with the Price Modifier to calculate the Price.

For instance if you use a P or an M, then the Cost will be brought over to the QuickBooks Cost. If you use a D or an L, then the List will be brought over to the QuickBooks Cost. So the customer's price is being calculated as a percent markup/margin from COST. So in this case, in QuoteWerks the COST value is the driving factor, so we pass the COST over to the RATE field in QuickBooks and then pass the P or M markup % to the MARKUP field in QuickBooks.

Solution for Cause 1:
In QuickBooks, Create/Edit an Estimate. Click on the Customize Button and edit the layout that you are using.

Then, Click on the Columns Tab and Check the box for Markup to be shown on the Screen.

Finally Click on the OK Button.

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