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QuickBooks Link - QuickBooks User Rights Required for Link

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November 17, 2011

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Version 24.0 Build 1
When exporting to QuickBooks using the QuickBooks link an error is displayed that indicates a security restriction (insufficient rights) in QuickBooks.

QuickBooks has features that allows the QuickBooks administrator to assign various rights to users that log into and use QuickBooks. When using the QuoteWerks to QuickBooks link, the user that is logged into QuoteWerks and performing the export of invoices/estimates into QuickBooks will need to have sufficient user rights in QuickBooks to perform the export procedure.

If you give the QuickBooks user QuickBooks Admin rights, that user will for sure have all the rights necessary to perform the export procedure. If you do not want to give the user full QuickBooks Admin rights, then you can use the QuickBooks security features to limit their rights in QuickBooks.

Intuit (the maker of QuickBooks), has not provided Aspire Technologies (the developers of QuoteWerks) with a list of required rights to perform tasks, so we cannot pass a definitive list on to you.

However, logically, the person will need to be able to perform all the tasks using QuickBooks manually that QuoteWerks does. So, the user will need to be able to create and potentially modify:

-QuickBooks SalesReps
-QuickBooks Customers
-QuickBooks Jobs
-QuickBooks Terms
-QuickBooks ShipVia
-QuickBooks Invoices
-QuickBooks Estimates
-QuickBooks Items (like Service, inventory, non-inventory,etc.)

QuoteWerks support has performed in-house testing and discovered that the minimum User Rights must be set to the following when performing an export to QuickBooks:

- Sales and Accounts Receivable Selective Access (Create Transactions Only)

-Sensitive Accounting Activities Selective Access (Create Transactions Only)

To modify the QuickBooks User Rights described above, you must be logged into QuickBooks as the Administrator. Select the CompanySetup Users menu and then select the QuickBooks user whose QuickBooks security rights you want to change. Then click on the [Edit User] button. You will then be presented with a wizard that lets you select the security rights for that user.

Note: These results are the minimum recommendations by QuoteWerks' testing. Please feel free to experiment with other configurations on your own

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