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QuickBooks Link - QuickBooks found an error when parsing the provided XML stream

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April 6, 2004


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Version 5.5 Build 4
If you receive the following error when transferring from QuoteWerks to QuickBooks via the Interactive method:

"QuickBooks found an error when parsing the provided XML stream"

QuickBooks can sometimes have an issue when receiving characters that are not in a standard character set. For instance Ascii characters 39 and 146 are very similar but Ascii character 146 will cause the error above. Ascii character 39 looks like '

We have seen issues with Ascii characters higher that 122. Not all of these characters will cause a problem when transferring to QuickBooks, however.

This is the common cause for this issue. But, there still may be some other possibilities.

Remove Ascii characters higher than 122.

When the QuickBooks link is not working, it can take a considerable amount of time and steps to step by step find the source of the issue. In the end, QuoteWerks Technical Support will have to look at the settings you have specified, confirm them, and then start with smaller easier imports, and progressively increase the complexity until we find the source of the problem.

There are two files in the QuickBooks folder that contain debugging information. They are:


They contain debugging information useful in debugging issues with QuickBooks.

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