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ACT! and QuoteWerks Email Issues

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July 18, 2008


Are you using the most current release of QuoteWerks?
Version 5.5 Build 4
For no apparent reason and at random times, user loses the ability to see the complete body of the email.

This issue can occur because ACT! is using an older release of the control file that we use to send mail via QuoteWerks. The name of the file is CSMSG32.OCX

You can perform a search on your system for this file. QuoteWerks installs and registers this file into your System/System32 folder. The version is

In some cases, we have seen that copying the CSMSG32.OCX from the ACT! folder and overwriting all other occurances of this file on your computer, followed by re-installing ACT!, has resolved the ACT! issue. This may in the end cause problems with QuoteWerks because we install the newer version of this file, however.

If you re-run the NSETUP.EXE file, the version of the CSMSG32.OCX file that QuoteWerks uses will be installed and registed on your system again.

Reference: ACT! KB Article
Document ID: 2004217114543
Document Title: Body of Attached E-mail Missing

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