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Linked Document not found with salesforce.com

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June 29, 2004


Are you using the most current release of QuoteWerks?
Version 5.5 Build 4
When in salesforce.com and you click to view the atached QuoteWerks DTF file, QuoteWerks may start and then give the error: The linked Document file C:\..\Temporary Internet Files\content.ie5\ghazgx63\aaaq1012(1).dtf was not found.

The linked Document file name will be different based on the document number. The folder after the content.ie5 folder could also be different.

Internet Explorer is changing the file name from (for example) AAAQ1001.DTF to AAAQ1001[1].DTF. This was causing QuoteWerks to not be able to locate this document number.

Either check the "Look for synchronized data" checkbox on the Installation Tab of the Tools Options menu or update to Build 35 or later. Also, clear your Internet Explorer cache from within Internet Explorer by choosing the ToolsInternet Options menu, and then click on the [Delete Files] button.

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