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Errors involving OLEPRO32 or OLEAUT32

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June 20, 2006


Are you using the most current release of QuoteWerks?
Version 5.5 Build 5
Check the version numbers for the OLE system files that manage Automation. These files are typically installed as a set, and should match build numbers. An improperly configured setup utility can mistakenly install the files separately, causing them to become mismatched. To avoid problems with Automation, you should check the files to make sure the files match builds.

This error message can also be related to QuoteWerks not having created the QuoteWerks PDF Generator as a printer (please see below for instructions on creating it).

You will find the Automation files in the Windows\System or Winnt\System32 directory. The following is the list of files to check: +---------------+-------------+----------------+
File Name Version Date Modified
Asycfilt.dll 14-Dec-2004 19:31 5.1.2600.2580 65,024
Oleaut32.dll 14-Dec-2004 19:31 5.1.2600.2580 549,376
Olepro32.dll 14-Dec-2004 19:31 5.1.2600.2580 83,456
Stdole2.tlb 14-Dec-2004 00:52 5.1.2600.2580 16,896
Stdole32.tlb 30-Nov-2004 23:05 2.10.3027.1 7,168

Check the file version by right-clicking on the file in Explorer and selecting Properties from the popup menu. The values most important are the last four digits of the file version (the build number) and the date last modified. You want to make sure these values are the same for all the Automation files.

Please note that the version numbers and dates given above are for example purposes only. Your values may differ. The important thing is that these values match each other, rather than this table.

In the event that the Automation files are mismatched, a hotfix is available at the Microsoft Website at the following link:


NOTE: Some users have reported that the Stdole32.tlb file does not get modified or replaced when using the hotfix. Please verify that this file is also included. If not, one solution is to copy the file from a ifferent computer that has the matching file

Creating the PDF Generator:
The following steps will create the pdf generator. It is important log in to the computer as an Adminstrator.

1. Click on StartSettingsControl PanelPrinters or StartSettingsPrinters or StartPrinters depending on the operating system.
2. If the QuoteWerks PDF generator exists delete the PDF Generator.
3. Start QuoteWerks
4. Click Print:Preview
5. Click Save As, Type: PDF and save .
6. Save the layout and continue working

There may be another PDF Generator in the Printers dialog. Usually this is an Intuit PDF Generator that causes issues with creating the QuoteWerks PDF Generator. It may be necessary to remove this pdf generator too.

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