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Common Licensing Errors with a laptop

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November 9, 2005


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Version 23.0 Build 1
What is the duplicate license key error?

The Duplicate License Key error that you are receiving is because the computer that created the DTF file you are trying to open has the same license key as the computer that you are trying to open the document with. The installation seed numbers for these two different installations of QuoteWerks are different. This error message is a result of the built-in anti-piracy measures designed into QuoteWerks. As a test, you can verify this by going to the Utilities License Manager window from each of the QuoteWerks installations to verify the License Key used in each installation.

A common cause of this issue is when QuoteWerks is installed on a laptop with which quotes are saved and DTF files are created. Then, for some reason, that laptop installation of QuoteWerks is deleted or reinstalled and the same License Key is re-entered. At this point the new installation will have a different installation seed number than the original installation and yet it will have the same License Key as the original installation. This will appear to QuoteWerks that the same License Key has been used to activate more than one installation of QuoteWerks (appear like piracy) and will then generate the "duplicate license key" error message.

Ideally, whenever getting a replacement laptop for a user, you should just move the QuoteWerks folder from the old laptop to the new laptop so as to avoid a new installation seed number from begin generated.

As for solutions to this issue, the source of the message is the contents of the existing DTF files. A solution is some cases is to run the UtilitiesRebuild CM Transport files feature to re-create all the existing DTF files using the data in the existing installation of QuoteWerks, including this installations seed number. If this does not resolve the issue you will need to contact QuoteWerks technical support.

What does the serial number does not match mean?

The Serial Number Does Not Match error means the Remote License Key you are using on your laptop was not created by the QuoteWerks installation that you are trying to log into. As a test, you can verify this by going to the UtilitiesLicense Manager window from each of the QuoteWerks installations to verify.

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