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Real-time - Tech Data, Error with Real Time Pricing Module

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September 23, 2015

Tech Data

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Version 5.5 Build 4

When trying to use the Real-time pricing features in QuoteWerks if you receive the following error:



Your client is not allowed to access the requested object.


or the error:



Your client is not allowed to access the requested object.

or the error:

" The requested object does not exist on this server. The link you followed is either outdated, inaccurate, or the server has been instructed not to let you have it. "

This means that the Tech Data Server is denying your computer access tot he Tech Data server. The Tech Data real-time data server only allows requests to be fulfilled if the request comes from a recognized IP address that has been registered with Tech Data. When you fill out and fax in the Tech Data XML service form, you specify at that time the IP address that you will be making requests from. If you are receiving this error, then it means that your IP address does not match the IP address you supplied on the form.

Denial of access at this level means that QuoteWerks has not yet been given the chance to supply your tech Data User Id and Password. Therefore, this error is not related to your configuration of the Tech Data Real time Pricing Module of QuoteWerks. The problem is caused by one of the follwing reasons:

1. The external IP Address that you provided in your Tech Data real time XML application is not correct. You can determine the IP address that Tech Data is seeing from you by going to the website: www.whatismyipaddress.com . If the IP Address that you supplied on the Tech Data Application does not match this, then this could be the source of the problem. You will need to contact Tech Data and supply them with the IP addressed Displayed on www.whatismyipaddress.com .

2. Tech Data has not activated or correctly activated your account. Contact them to verify this.

Tech Data XML support can be contacted at: 1-800-237-8931

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