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QuickBooks Link - Export items out of QuickBooks into QuoteWerks

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April 6, 2004


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Version 23.0 Build 1
How do I export my item list from QuickBooks into QuoteWerks?

1. From within QuickBooks, go to the File Utilities Export menu.
2. Select "Item List" from the list of lists.
3. You will then be prompted to save an "IIF" file. Save into a location that you will remember.
4. Open the "IIF" file with Microsoft Excel.
5. Delete the first 10 rows of the file.
6. Do a File Save as, provide it a descriptive name and select the file type of "tab delimited" or "comma delimited"
7. You now have a file that can be used to import your QuickBooks Item List into QuoteWerks.
8. Use the Products-Import Wizard menu to import the file.

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