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Issues with pictures on your layout

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April 6, 2004

Print Layouts

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Version 23.0 Build 1
My company logo is huge, why?

Company logos come from many sources. Usually a company logo is only displayed as a small 2 inch by 3 inch logo in the upper left corner of a quote. However, very often, whoever created the company logo created it in a much bigger size than 2 inches tall by 3 inches wide. So, when you insert such a logo into the quote, QuoteWerks resizes it to the smaller size, but the actual size of the logo is still very big. Big logos will cause your printing to take longer and when emailing a quote can really make a difference. When inserting a company logo, we recommend that you make sure that the company logo is the size that you need it to be and also that you do not have more colors in it than you will need. More colors means a larger file size.

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