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April 6, 2004


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Version 5.5 Build 4
Is it possible to set each item to be taxable or non-taxable?

In QuoteWerks, you can specify which line items in the quote are taxable and which are not. Then, a single tax rate is applied to all taxable items. To manually specify whether a line item is taxable or not, select a line item, and right-click to choose Item Properties. Then select the Taxable Yes/No option.

The taxiblity of a product can be specified in the product definition so that when the product is added to the quote, the correct taxable or non-taxable value is set for the product. To set the taxable setting for a product definition, select the ProductsLookup menu, click on a product database (like the "Our Products" database for example), and then click on a product, and click on the [Edit Product] button. On the Edit Product window, there will be a taxable checkbox that you can check.

Also, you can set the default tax rate for all new quotes on the Quote tab of the ToolsOptions menu.

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