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Security - Document Rights

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August 11, 2004


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Version 5.5 Build 5
In QuoteWerks, by default users do not have the rights to view, modify , or delete other users quotes. If you want certain users to be able to have these rights to other users quotes, you will need to edit the security settings for each user to specify who is allowed to view their quotes. Take for example two users, John and Rachel. If you want Rachel to be able to view John's documents, Select the UtilitiesUser Maintenance menu, select John's user id, and click on the Edit button. Then click on the Documents tab and under the "View" list and click on the Change button. Then select Rachel from the list. Now Rachel will be able to view John's documents.

Taking this example a step further, you can save some time by creating a security group called everyone, and then add all the users to this security group. Then, when you click on the "View" list for John's user id and click on the Change button, you can just select the security group "Everyone".

Remote Users will need to have the SECURITY.MDB file copied from the main installation of QuoteWerks into their local copy of QuoteWerks.

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