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Creating Bullet symbols in description field

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July 16, 2013


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Version 23.0 Build 1
With your numeric keypad [numlock] on, hold down the right [ALT] key and type in the numbers 0149, and then let go of the ALT key.

Since different fonts can produce different characters. 0149 will produce a bullet point in ms sans serif (the default QuoteWerks font)

You can also try 0176, 0164, or 0183. These should produce bullets while in the description cell.

º 167 Degree symbol
(thermal or angular) 68 ºF = 20 ºC
cos 60º = 0.500

To perform this in Notepad you will hold Alt + 167

*NOTE* In the grid itself it is an Arial font and in Arial the Alt+0149 is the bullet. Whereas the other text boxes are the MS Sans Serif and the character Alt+0149 is not defined.

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