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August 3, 2013

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Version 5.5 Build 5
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QuoteWerks has a feature that enables you to quote in both your base currency and one additional currency at the same time. QuoteWerks will display the base currencies cost, price, and list values in the columns on the DocumentItems tab, and will also display the alternate cost, alternate price, and alternate list columns in the Document Items tab. The prices in the alternate currency columns are automatically calculated by QuoteWerks using an exchange rate value that you select on the Sale Info tab of the quote workbook. This allows the user to change the alternate currency on-the-fly. This is useful when presenting quotes to other countries in their native currency. The list of exchange rates is maintained by selecting the Utilities-Exchange Rate Maintenance menu. To print a quote that includes the alternate currencies, modify a print layout, and insert the fields AlternateUnitPrice, AlternateExtendedPrice, etc from the DocumentItems table. There are also AlternateSubTotal, and AlternateGrandTotal fields etc in the DocumentHeaders table.

Note: If you add or edit an Exchange Rate entry, you must type in a date in the Last Updated field of the Add or Edit Exchange Rate dialog box or you will get an error message. In addition, if you add or edit any of the Exchange Rate information, you must exit out of QuoteWerks and log back in for the information to appear in the Alternate Currency drop down box on the Sale Info tab.

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