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September 11, 2009

Print Layouts

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What are dialog fields?


Dialog fields are used to request information from the user that might change every time the quote is printed. This could be the number of lease months required, or some text like "Your contract expires in 6 months".

1. A dialog field is inserted on the print layout by clicking Dialog and adding the field.
2. When the document is printed the dialog field prompts the user for a value that will be displayed when printed.

A more advanced use of the dialog fields is to include the dialog field in a formula field. For example, you could create a dialog field to ask for the number of months the customer would like to lease the total amount for. Then, this number of months, (example: 60) could be included in a formula similar to:

DIALOG->NumberOfMonths * 0.028

To calculate the monthly payment. (This formula is just an example)


Before you can insert a dialog field, you need to create the dialog field first under the Reports-Dialog Fields menu. Once you have created a dialog field, you will be able to select the dialog field to insert it into the layout when you select the Insert-Dialog Fields menu.

Inserting a dialog field into the print layout will prompt the user for the value for this dialog field. The dialog field can then be printed in the print layout, and/or be used in a formula in the print layout.

For example, you can have the dialog prompt ask a question like "What is the drivers destination?" To do this, select the Reports-Dialog fields menu and choose New, and give it a name like DriversName. Then select the Reports-Dialog fields Edit menu, and enter the "What is the drivers destination?" prompt there. Now insert the dialog field onto the print layout by selecting the InsertDialog field menu.

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