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Optional Line Items

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July 13, 2017


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Version 5.5 Build 5
Displaying options after quote total.............
You can insert a Running Subtotal line at the end of the quote, and then change the description from "Running Subtotal " to "Product Total" as an example, and then add your optional line items after that running subtotal. That procedure would provide you with the closest possible match to your needs.
If you select a line item and choose the EditItem Properties menu, you can flag the item as optional which means that the price of the item will be displayed on the quote, but the price will not be included in the totals.

When optional line items are printed, the phrase "(Optional)" is automatically append to the end of the description of each line item that is flagged as optional. This is done to make sure that you did not mistakenly flag some items as optional without knowing it.

You can change this phrase of "(Optional)" to something else by making a change in the SITE.INI file.

The switch is called OptionalItemText= and is located under the [System] section. Set the value to be blank to not display any "optional" text, so it would read


POST v5.2:
First, have everyone else close out of QuoteWerks and be sure you are logged in as a Master Rights user.
-Go into Help->About, System tab
-Click on Settings Manager button
-In SystemSettings click on Section and choose System
-Click the Yellow Star to add a new setting
-Make sure the Section is "System" (it should be but just re-verify)
-In the KeyName enter in OptionalItemText
-Leave the Key Value blank

You can also remove the "(Optional)" text by replacing the description field on your layout with the following formula:


However, QuoteWerks supports optional line items, so you can enter option A, B, and C on the quote, and edit each line item by selecting the line item, and choosing the EditItem Properties menu and setting the Optional value to YES. Now, each line item flagged this way will display a price, but the price will not be included in the quote total since it is in fact only an option.

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