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March 29, 2013


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Version 5.5 Build 4
What is the Project Number?

QuoteWerks automatically assigns unique project numbers to all new documents. The project numbers are automatically created by QuoteWerks and cannot be changed. The project number is not visible on the document.

When a quote is converted to an order, and you choose the preserve the quote, the project number from the quote is copied into the new order. This allows you do see which quotes are related to which orders. The same applies when converting a quote/order to an invoice.

When you open a document and select the FileSave As menu (to save a copy of the document to a new document), by default the project number is copied into that new document. On the FileSave As window, there is a "Use New Project #" checkbox that you can check to override this default behavior.

To view all the documents that have the same project number as the document that you currently have open, simply select the ViewAssociated Documents menu.

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