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Logged In User - Stays logged in

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December 24, 2015

Logged In User

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Version 5.5 Build 5
The network operating system is not releasing the lock (*.lck) file.

When a user logs into QuoteWerks, QuoteWerks creates and locks a file with a .lck extension in the \QuoteWerks directory. There is also a companion file with a .li extension. When a user exits QuoteWerks, the lock on the .lck file is released thereby releasing a QuoteWerks user license.

In builds prior to QuoteWerks 4.0 build 23, the .lck file would still exist after exiting QuoteWerks, but would no longer be locked. The next time QuoteWerks is started, QuoteWerks tries to delete all .lck files and the .lck files that are locked (in use) cannot be deleted, but any lock files released previously would be deleted.

In later builds of QuoteWerks the .lck file is deleted when after exiting QuoteWerks.

If QuoteWerks still thinks that the user is logged in it is because the network operating system (Windows NT or Novell Netware) has not released the lock on the file yet.

1. Make sure that all users have the ability to create and delete files in the QuoteWerks directory.
2. Reboot your computer (assuming your computer is not the server), and wait a little while to give your network operating system time to release the file lock.
3. If that does not seem to work, have all users exit out of QuoteWerks and try to delete all of the .lck files in the QuoteWerks directory. You may need to stop sharing the lck file(s) from the server.
4. As a last resort, you can reboot your server

Note: Do NOT delete the *.LI files.

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